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Can I use my own voice?

Hi, is it possible to do my own voice over? (Not cloned) Is there a script that can be generated to read from?


I didn't get a confirmation that my voice was correctly recorded and that I finished the process.

Please hekp

I've tried several times to log kn! I entered the right code you sent and cen not verify my email I tried frlm Canva and frlm your ificisl page abd had the same result

how to send api request via make(integromat) to make text to speech

it says always an error like wrong script id and when i make a script first it also shows error no voice

I cannot access my account on this page

hi I cannot access my account on this page. Although I receive the activation code on the email I use! <https://examples.audiostack.ai/simple>

Production.Mix not working

I tried the Getting Started script. besides the default soundTemplate does not exist, the Mix itself seems not to work. I found existing soundTemplates, but the result is just plain voice. ``` tts = audiostack.Speech.TTS.create( scriptItem=script, voice="sara") mix = audiostack.Production.Mix.create( speechItem=tts, soundTemplate="happy_spirits" ) mix.download(fileName="myFirstAudioStackTrack") ``` I tried different voices and different soundTemplates - still only the voice. How can I get the mix to work?

error in demo python code -- The requested sound template cannot be found or does not exist for your organization

Exception: mastering request failed to validate. Errors listed as follows: The requested sound template cannot be found or does not exist for your organization

i am getting axios error while using react app .

![](https://files.readme.io/bd4960c-image.png) is there any dependency i need to install.

inscripcion a la app

The registration part of the app does not work. They send me by mail the number of the confirmation key to access your board, but it does not allow me to access. I'm from Argentina, I don't know if it's because of geolocation. A pity not to be able to enter, because the program looks good.

Mixing not working in javascript SDK

// Create a mix with our speech asset and add the sound template "3am" const mix = await AS.Production.Mix.create({ speechId: tts.speechId, soundTemplate: "3am", }); Mixing not working in javascript SDK Example given here <https://www.npmjs.com/package/@aflr/audiostack> does not mixing audio Is there detail documentation of JS available?