Use Sound templates

Adding background music to your synthetic voiceover

AudioStack's sound design templates enable you to customise your script speech tracks with different sounds and effects.

We currently offer the option to upload your own custom sound design through our API:

Sound Templates comprise sound segments and sound effects. Each template generally consists of 3 sound segments - intro, main and outro, and 3 sound effects (SOUNDEFFECT::EFFECT1), making it very convenient for you to pair speech with appropriate sounds, with no specialised audio knowledge required.

The difference between segments and effects is that sound segments play in the background of speech, whereas sound effects are standalone sounds to be used between speech sections and play without speech. Sound effect could be a whistle sound, an alarm clock ringing or dogs barking, for example.

Code example

To list all available sound templates:

sound_templates = audiostack.Production.Sound.Template.list()

Check below some of the parameters for list() available. For a complete list, please check the dedicated API reference section

ParameterData typeExample (try with one or more separated by commas)
moodsstringupbeat, dreamy, angry, calm, happy, sad, wavering, exciting, melancholic, disturbing, weird, peaceful, contemplative, quiescent, reflective, tense, nostalgic, friendly, slow, soft, intimate, chill, passionate, energetic, intense, alarming, gloomy, languid, annoying, dark, suspense, catchy, aggressive, gentle, quiet, loud, sexy, fresh, sweet, cool, emotional, fast, mellow, droopy, hesitant, dejecting, depressing, apprehensive, disconcerted, uncomfortable, despondent, dissatisfying, miserable, disappointing, starting, insulting, annoying, enraging, loathing, adventurous, triumphant, delighting, joyous, enthusiastic, pleasing, meditative, positive, hopeful, funny, uplifting
collectionsstringaction/adventure, drama, epic, romantic, atmospheric, soundscape, nature, party, cartoonish, slow dance, fitness, newscast, podcast, educational, advertising
genresstringclassical, electronic, rock, traditional, voice, pop, country, ambient, indie, jazz, acoustic, hip-hop, choral
instrumentsstringmid, up, down, uptempo