10th June 2024 - SonicSell v1.6.0 is out of beta

Exciting news! You might've noticed that we recently took SonicSell v1.6.0 out of beta and made it available to all AudioStack users. SonicSell has undergone some major UX improvements as well as some exciting feature additions.

What's new?

  • Improved ad quality: We’ve improved the length of ads to fit better, and the content of ads themselves.
  • Improved UX: Based on feedback from users, we’ve made SonicSell easier to use than ever before. Create an ad in a single click, customise your ad by shaping your recommendations with a mood and tone of voice, or choose a voice and sound design for yourself.
  • Give your ad a cover to make it stand out.
  • All ads are now saved to your organisation’s library, so you can easily return to them later, and to enable collaborative editing. This also makes it easier to find your ads - search by name or content.
  • Edit your ad in the workshop: Tailor your ad to fit a specific audience or a brand tone of voice, or enhance your ad. You can also create an ad from scratch in the Workshop using your own script.
  • Create an ad with no sound design: This is perfect for situations where you want to download just the voice, to combine with other audio in a DAW or video editing software.

There are even more features still to come - watch this space for updates in the coming weeks. For the next few weeks, the old version of SonicSell will stay available alongside the new version. We will deprecate this at some point in the near future, so please try out the new version and let us know ASAP if there is anything you could do on the old version but aren’t able to do here.

You can find our complete user guide here: