29th Feb 2024 - Create your own Sound Templates in the Platform

πŸŽ‰ Exciting news πŸŽ‰


28th Feb 2024 - Review of Production Credits

We'll soon be updating the production credits charged for interacting with endpoints of AudioStack API, along with AudioStack platform functionality that uses the API. These changes will result in increased pricing in some areas and decreased pricing in others, to better reflect the complexity of the functionality.


23rd Feb 2024 - Audio enhancement endpoints; Text Tagger; Voice Intelligence Layer improvements

We have added audio enhancement endpoints, added our Text Tagger to the SDK and added some security improvements and API improvements for our Voice Intelligence Layer


17th Feb 2024 - Evaluate and Enhance your Audio Files

Another exciting addition to the AudioStack API - the ability to evaluate a given audio file to receive a quality evaluation, and then to enhance or denoise your audio file as needed.


16th Feb 2024 - Recommend endpoint and File Size Increase

Voice Cloner FileSize Update :loudspeaker:


9th Feb 2024 - Voice Cloning update and some bug fixes; Updated terms of use

Voice Cloning update!


2nd Feb 2024 - Filter and sort your media files; Improved SonicSell error messages

Filter and sort your media files


24th Jan 2024 - Billing and Length Prediction improvements; Up to 10x Faster API authentication

:ship:We've shipped some improvements on the length prediction model to account for filtering out break tags and SSML tags at inference, manage negative prediction as well as empty text prediction. This results in a more accurate estimate of the duration of your produced audio!


19th Jan 2024 - Improved robustness in languages;


Recording Booth is in Beta πŸŽ‰

You can get access to our new Recording Booth to record your voice.

If you want to test out new AudioStack features as a beta tester, please reach out to support[at]audiostack[dot]ai


12th Jan 2024 - SonicSell UX improvement, File management update

  • Improved the "view more" control on SonicSell ads to make it easier to use πŸ€“
  • Intergrated new File Management service mastering: this means you can now upload media files in the platform and use them in your sound templates and mastering πŸ“‚