Improved Documentation; Bug fixes and performance enhancements

 Media improvements

New Voices; Voice improvements

New voices WellSaid labs, ElevenLabs

8th July - Make your audio perfect for Youtube, Spotify or Podcasts

Ever wanted to make your audio perfect for podcasts or youtube?

9th June - Introducing Multilingual Models in Audiostack; SonicSell v3

Through our partnership with Eleven Labs, we bring you cutting-edge voices equipped with the groundbreaking feature of Multilingual Synthetic Models. With an extensive selection of languages such as English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Polish, and Hindi, our MultiLingual voices ensure an immersive and localized experience. Now, effortlessly generate scripts in different languages or combine them using the following code example to leverage the power of Eleven Labs' voices within

8th of June - Voice Intelligence Layer

Breaking Change

2nd June - Julep Connector, SonicSell

 SonicSell for all AudioStack paid users

19th May - Voices update

Voice Update:


Doc updates