8th Dec - Docs updated; Better file management; JS SDK 1.0.3

Improved Credits page


5th Dec 2023-DeepZen voices added to our library

11 DeepZen voices added to our offering!


4th Dec 2023 - SonicSell improvements

Sonic Sell improvements


30th Nov 2023 - Announcing SonicSell v1.5.0

Check out some exciting additions in the latest version of SonicSell!

28th Nov 2023- OpenAI voices now added!

OpenAI Voices Added to our Library πŸŽ‰


27th Nov - SLAs and Reliability; GDPR

Β Docs update (GDPR and Reliability)

23rd Nov 2023- New Voice Provider Onboarded, Voices Deprecation Notice-

Introducing new Ultra-Realistic AI Voices from PlayHT!

23rd Nov 2023 - Updated Platform - Workflows

Platform - Workflows page updated

16th Nov 2023 - JS SDK update, Easier Sound Design and Voice Browsing & Platform updates!

  • The Javascript SDK has had a major update to include all of our latest API features. Check out the changes here:
  • Easier sound design and voices browsing:
    • The Dictionary has been updated, and now allows you to search for voices;
    • You can browse sound designs directly in SonicSell.
  • Platform updates:
    • You can now see private (cloned) voices in the new Platform;
    • You can now resubscribe to a previous plan; and,
    • Workflows page has been given a makeover.

7th Nov 2023 - AI Generated Advert API Recipe, Add Timestamps to your Speech

You can now find our guide to generating a complete audio advert using AI, in the API Recipes sections of the docs. Check it out πŸš€