Broadcasting your Content

To broadcast content created with AudioStack, you'll need to register for a broadcast licence.

Many of our users create content for radio or TV, such as advertisements, using AudioStack. In order to broadcast content created with the AudioStack platform or API, you'll need to register the asset to make sure you have the right permissions.

What is broadcasting?

AudioStack defines broadcast use as using the content created with AudioStack (including our standard sound templates) in TV advertisements, radio advertisements, in TV shows and feature films. You only need to register an asset if you intend to use it for any of these purposes. Otherwise, our usual terms of service apply.

How do I register for a broadcast licence?

The AudioStack API has a designated endpoint to manage licensing. This functionality is in beta, so while we roll it out more widely, you'll need to contact us to complete the registration for your asset.


Want to register an asset without coding?

Contact our support team at support [at] audiostack [dot] ai. They'll be able to get you set up.

How many credits will I be charged?

There is a fixed credit charge of 750 credits per audio asset - regardless of the duration of the asset.

Are there any restrictions?

The licence is valid internationally for an unlimited time ("in perpetuity") across all media.

What if I change the asset after registering?

Changes to the asset will mean you need to register again, so make sure you check the audio asset carefully before registering.


Make a note of your transaction ID

This acts as your proof of registration, so be sure to store it somewhere safe.

What’s Next

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