Sound Templates

AudioStack's sound design templates enable you to customise your script speech tracks with different sounds and effects. 🎢


Naming conventions

For all practical purposes Sound Designs and Sound Templates are synonyms

Types of Sound Template

There are three types of sound template you can use with AudioStack, each with different usage restrictions: demo templates, standard templates and custom templates.

Demo templates are provided for you to try out AudioStack's functionality, and can only be used to test out the API or products.


Demo sound templates have been deprecated since 1st June 2024 and are no longer available to use

If you are currently using a demo sound template and need help finding an alternative, our support team might be able to help. Contact us at support [at] audiostack [dot] ai.

Standard AudioStack templates can be used much more widely by customers on the Indie, Production and Enterprise plans (though you must contact us if you intend to use adverts created using AudioStack templates for broadcast). Finally, we currently offer the option to upload your own custom sound design through our API: Sound templates uploaded by you remain yours to use however you want. To check exactly what you can and cannot do using AudioStack's sound templates, check out our Terms of Use or our simple guide to sound template usage.

Sound Templates comprise sound segments and sound effects. Each template generally consists of 3 sound segments - intro, main and outro, making it very convenient for you to pair speech with appropriate sounds, with no specialised audio knowledge required.

When referring to sound templates in your code, you need to replace spaces with underscores. For example, Chill Vibes will be chill_vibes in the code.

Code example

To list all available sound templates:

sound_templates = audiostack.Production.Sound.Template.list()

Check below some of the parameters for list() available. For a complete list, please check the dedicated API reference section

ParameterData typeExample (try with one or more separated by commas)
moodsstringupbeat, dreamy, angry, calm, happy, sad, wavering, exciting, melancholic, disturbing, weird, peaceful, contemplative, quiescent, reflective, tense, nostalgic, friendly, slow, soft, intimate, chill, passionate, energetic, intense, alarming, gloomy, languid, annoying, dark, suspense, catchy, aggressive, gentle, quiet, loud, sexy, fresh, sweet, cool, emotional, fast, mellow, droopy, hesitant, dejecting, depressing, apprehensive, disconcerted, uncomfortable, despondent, dissatisfying, miserable, disappointing, starting, insulting, annoying, enraging, loathing, adventurous, triumphant, delighting, joyous, enthusiastic, pleasing, meditative, positive, hopeful, funny, uplifting
collectionsstringaction/adventure, drama, epic, romantic, atmospheric, soundscape, nature, party, cartoonish, slow dance, fitness, newscast, podcast, educational, advertising
genresstringclassical, electronic, rock, traditional, voice, pop, country, ambient, indie, jazz, acoustic, hip-hop, choral
instrumentsstringmid, up, down, uptempo

What’s Next

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