How does AudioStack Work?

The power of AudioStack starts where text-to-speech solutions stop. πŸš€


This section "AudioStack Concepts" is about discussion and explanation.

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AI Voices and Much, Much More

Use AudioStack to 1000+ of AI voices in the language and style of your choice. Plus more! AudioStack voices make it simple to create beautiful text to speech in seconds. Choose from hundreds of voices in our Voice Library.

What can AudioStack do?

The AudioStack platform brings together powerful functionality across the end-to-end audio production process to empower you to create beautiful, professional-sounding audio in seconds.

Features include:

These functionalities and features enhance the quality of your voice, and leverage our in house knowledge.

How does AudioStack work?

The core of AudioStack is our API: the API facilitates the creation of professional-sounding audio in a matter of seconds. With just a few simple lines of code, you can create and stream audio that plays anywhere and sounds beautiful, every time, at scale.

Just like more traditional audio production workflows, AudioStack is organised around four steps: Content, Speech, Production and Delivery. You can see this in the API itself - all of the functionality of the API sits within one of these steps.

Use Cases

AudioStack offers a range of different Stacks, which leverage the power of the API to solve use cases across advertising (AdStack), podcasting (PodStack), Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCOStack) and video voiceover creation (VidStack). Find out more about the different Stacks and Workflows that AudioStack supports here.

You can use AudioStack for a huge range of use cases. Some of the most popular ones include:


What’s Next

Check out our guides to get started generating your first audio: