How to Separate a Single Audio File into Stems with the API

import audiostack
import os

# First, paste your API key inside the quotation marks below:

audiostack.api_key = os.environ['AUDIOSTACK_API_KEY']

# This code example demonstrates functionality from the Content, Speech, Production and Delivery parts of the AudioStack API.
# Using the API, you can create production-ready audio assets in minutes.

# In Content, you can create scripts and manage your production assets.

# Upload a file. It's important that uploadPath contains the file extension. Upload file will be available to your organisation.
# Used -
file = audiostack.Content.File.create(
    localPath="noisy.mp3", uploadPath="mydir/noisy.mp3", fileType="audio"

print("The file ID is:", file.fileId)

response = audiostack.production.suite.Suite.separate(fileId=file.fileId, wait=True)

file = audiostack.Content.File.get(fileId=response.newFileIds[0]["fileId"])"separated_file.wav", path="./")


This operation takes some time

Lots of users are sometimes surprised by how long this takes. However it takes it's time prepare to wait a few minutes.