What production credits are and how will you be charged

At AudioStack the API usage is charged in production credits. Credits are based on the complexity of each task so some endpoints are more expensive than others.

Below is a full list of services and their respective prices in credits:


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These rates are valid within our STARTER package. Enterprise rates will differ.

As routeRequest TypeNew Credits

Voice Providers

Here is an overview of the cost per voice provider per 1 minute.


Some voice providers are more expensive than others

With Eleven Labs, Resemble and Deepzen voices (our external high quality providers) - post /speech cost more.

Text-to-speech voice provider (ID in API)Credits per 1 minute of speech
Aflorithmic Messner (msnr)1.5
Azure by Microsoft (azure)1
CereProc (cerevoice)1.2
DeepZen (deepzen)18
Eleven Labs (elevenlabs)9
Google (google)1
IBM (ibm)1.2
Polly by Amazon (polly)1
Resemble (resemble)9
WellSaid Labs (wellsaid)9


Which voice providers are the best for my use case?

Here is an overview of all TTS voice providers currently available on AudioStack