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How to upload files and folders to use in your workflows

There are many reasons you might want to upload a file to AudioStack, including to combine an audio tag with your generated audio, to add a soundtrack, or to upload source files for voice cloning.

Uploading or Deleting a File

To upload a file from the AudioStack Platform, simply navigate to the Content page in the Resources section. Here, you can select a single or multiple files to upload from your device.

To delete a file, simply click on the trash can icon.

Creating or Deleting a Folder

Creating a folder is really straightforward - you just need to click on the Create Folder button and specify the name of the folder. To delete a folder, click on the trash can icon. In this release, you must create a folder first, then upload the relevant files inside the folder.


Wondering who has access to uploaded files?

Your files can only be seen and accessed by anyone within the organisation that you are currently working in. You can see the organisation name that you are working in in the organisation switcher on the top left of the screen.

Upload a Sound Design to use in your Advert or Project

You can now upload a sound design to the AudioStack platform to use as part of another workflow. To do this, upload your audio file as usually (by navigating to the Content page in the Resources section and clicking "Upload Files"). Select a file from your computer.

Once your file has uploaded successfully, you can create a sound template by clicking on the file name, and navigating to the Sound Design tab.


Did you know?

You can add categories to your files from the Content Resources page to help you find them easily, by clicking on a file and adding a category in the Edit tab.

You should choose a memorable name for your sound design, and write a description to describe its contents, then click Create Sound Design when you're ready.

When the sound template is created, the sound template alias will be displayed. You should now be able to find this template in the Sound Library to use within any AudioStack workflow (such as SonicSell). By default, this sound design will be private, and only accessible inside your organisation.


Struggling to find your template in the Sound Library?

Make sure you click the toggle at the top of the screen to view Private sound templates

What’s Next

If you would prefer to work with the API directly, find out more about how to manage your files: