Generate an AI Script

AudioStack allows you to generate AI audio advert scripts directly from the API

You might encounter situations where you, or end users of tools or software, want to rapidly generate advertising copy to use as a script. For this reason, AudioStack offers an endpoint uses AI to generate a ready-to-use ad script, drawing on expert domain knowledge.

To generate a script, you will need to use the /generate/advert endpoint.

Code Example

import audiostack

audiostack.api_key = "APIKEY"

productName = "AudioStack"
productDescription = "AudioStack's enterprise-grade audio AI technology seamlessly integrates into your product or workflow and cuts your production cycles to seconds while making your budgets go further."
moodName = "dreamy" #exciting, dark, contemplative, weird, upbeat, neutral, meditative, cool, happy, mellow, reflective, emotional, hopeful, alarming, chill, dreamy, friendly, sweet, passionate, suspense
toneName = "confident"

print("Generating your AI advert script...")
advert = audiostack.Content.Script.generate_advert(

adText =['adText']
adName =['adName']
scriptId =['scriptId']
print(f"Your AI Generated Ad: {adText}")