28th Sept 2023 - Added Support for ElevenLabs v2 Multilingual Voices

Support for ElevenLabs v2 Multilingual Voices

27th Sept 2023 - Changes to our Sound Template Library

We are changing the way we're providing sound templates to make it simpler for end users. Going forward, we're making it easier to understand what rights you have over the content you're working with, as we move towards offering a range of exclusive PRO-free sound templates (public rights organization free), which means that users can use the content accessed much more flexibly and with fewer restrictions.

20th Sept 2023 - Documentation Mega Update

Workflow Quick Start Guides

18th Sept 2023 - Smart Speech Duration Reduction


14th Sept 2023 - Documentation Update

Quick Start Guides

13th Sept 2023 - Voice Intelligence Layer and Mastering engine

Mastering engine

SonicSell update - QR codes

Share your SonicSell creation by QR code :tada:

[Audio] Bug fixes and usability enhacements

Some bug fixes and usability enhancements

SSML Harmonisation - Break time update

SSML Harmonisation

Documentation updates

Documentation updates