12th of May - Voice Discoverability, updated website, and more beautiful audio

Updated voice library page

We've been working hard on making our voices easier to discover. We've invested in the following key features which you can see on https://library.audiostack.ai/

These include

  • Tagging and metadata - all our 600+ voices are tagged and up to date, so you can pick the perfect voice for your audio.
  • Search and discoverability, it was our most requested feature!
  • You can specify by language and provider and various other tags.
  • The website is also :ok-hand:and beautiful with responsive design.

Image: Showing the library with the search functionality

Audio Ad engine webpage

We updated our https://aflorithmic.ai/audio-ad-engine have a look!

 Enhanced audio quality

We've been hard at work over the last few months working on enhanced audio quality. This involved a complete rewrite of our audio engine.

You can look at some of the code here Mixing

Here's a demo example in some code. Run this and listen to how awesome the audio sounds :headphones:

  • We've added enhanced plugins - you'll see some presets below they are aimed at making your audio sound superb.
  • We're working hard on adding more sound templates and will be adding more to this in the future.
import audiostack
import os
from uuid import uuid4

audiostack.api_key = "APIKEY" # Add your API key here

script = """

<as:section name="main" soundsegment="main">
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names = ["Wren",  "jollie", "aspen", "monica"]
presets = ["musicenhanced", "balanced", "voiceenhanced"]
templates = ["your_take_30","listen_up_30", "future_focus_30"]

script = audiostack.Content.Script.create(scriptText=script, scriptName="test", projectName="ams_tests_2")        

for name in names:
    # Creates text to speech
    speech = audiostack.Speech.TTS.create(
    for template in templates:

        for preset in presets:

            mix = audiostack.Production.Mix.create(
            uuid = uuid4()