15th March 2024 - Better denoiser, better user experience for the platform; Security enhancements

Denoise your noisy audio files

Docs improvements

We added some improvements to improve the onboarding experience :100:


  • We added zip downloader added to the api for exporting zips :zap:


  • Users can join a Waitlist for the ‘Coming Soon’ Workflows
  • Implement security headers into nextjs apps enhancing our security :lock:
  • Users can now brand the Platform with their logo - a much requested feature
  • Audio title encoding in the links to player doesn’t support special chars :bug:
  • The voice library now shows the best voices at the top


Check out the library

You can check it out at our Library page!


  • AdCards now provide better error feedback for invalid input


  • Bug fixes in the voice cloning experience :bug: