17th April 2024 - Sound Template Updates including 95 new Sound Templates, Removal of Demo Sound Templates

We've been busy refreshing our sound templates, to make our licensing simpler and ensure the content we offer is suited to your most common AudioStack usecases. As a result, we've added a whole bunch of new Sound Templates in both the API and platform, and will be removing outdated "demo" templates at the end of May.


If you're currently using "demo" sound templates either via the platform or the AudioStack API, you will need to switch to alternative sound designs.

If you're struggling to find something that meets your needs, please contact support [at]

37 Demo Sound Templates to be Removed ⚠️

Sunny Skies
Surfing Dog
Laid Back Funk
Ethereal Dream
Power Sports
Garage Banger
Vintage Swing
Trailer Beast
Friendly Electro Pop
Relaxed Vacation
Dark And Unsettling
Wild Beast
Feeling Good
Friendly Fantasy
Runway Rhythm
Cool Industries
Chopper Horns
Epic Brass Trap
Piano Artist
Fascinating Technology
Clap Together
Chopper Strings
Rockabilly Mischief
Epic Pace
Stepping Up
Welcoming Piano
Indie Disco
Ballsy Rock
Design Grove
Pulsing Out Score
Rainbow Rock

95 New Sound Templates Added πŸŽ‰

Rising High
Fashion Forward
The Cheer Is Here
New Happy Vibe
Sword of Omens
Beside the Sea
Technology - Electronic
Drive To The Dream
Calm Groove
Major Winner
Free Radical
Growing Flair
Careful Approach
Darbuka Song
Road Blues
Hype City Jam
Golden Moments
In The Willows
The Palace
Road To Marsaille
Hand Clap Tune
World of Wonders
Funky Lounge
Percussion Stomps
The Epic Mind
Hip-Hop Fashion
Heroic Drama
Zen Garden
Love Is All I have Got
The Evolution
O yeah
Street Orchestra
Fuego Party
Spirit Momentum
Neon Phase
Dance All Night
Organic Timelapse
Are We Alone
Future Technology
Bike Riding
Italy Classic
On My Mind
Gracious Journey
For The Happy Times
Spring Day
Green Meadow
Hopeful Future
Soiree a Illange
Dancing Youth
Energy of Success
No Rush
Terrace Relaxing
Traveling Together
Void Echo
Still Crazy For You
Lull Me
Keys To Joy
Gold Digger
Golden Sunrays
Holiday Sprinkles
Perfect Grind
Breakbeat Horizon
Rock and Blues
Be strong
Aspire Time
Peaceful Rising
Jazz Night
Ignite the Night
Binaural Aquamarine
Groovy Vibe
Sunny Dance
Designer Background
The Snow Is Coming
Precious Event
La Ballerina
Glass Of Rum
Like A Dream
Ragtime Rhapsody
A Time To Shine
Cool Cascade
Spring Piano
Fancy Summer
Night Waltz
Grace Is Abound
Spa Resort
The Quiet Hours
Country Heartbeat