21st May 2024 - New Python SDK!; Added mulitiple speakers example to the docs

AudioStack python SDK 2.0.0 released:

  • Removed support for end-of-life python versions πŸ˜€
  • Fixed bug - Added missing required arg to pass project to content.list_modeules πŸ›
  • Fixed bug - Added missing x-assume-org header to File.download_url
  • Added linting, typehints and code formatting to CI/CD to make easy to read code for our users πŸ’―
  • Added poetry package management to align with our best engineering practises - WE LOVE POETRY! πŸ€“
  • You can install this with pip install -U audiostack πŸš€

Docs Docs Docs

We're constantly working on enhancing our docs based on customer feedback πŸš€

We've just added these two examples this week.