22nd March 2024 - SonicSell improvements and Platform UX changes

This week, we've added a few UX improvements to make your experience of AudioStack Platform and workflows smoother.

New ad player in SonicSell

  • You can now give feedback (thumbs up or down) about the quality of ads in SonicSell, to help improve the content you hear in future.

Platform improvements

  • Added a new parrot to the favicon :bird:
  • New workflow cover images on Home page
  • New Navigation - easier to find your workflow

Files Page improvements

  • File view made into page - this makes it easier to use on mobile and allows us to add exciting new features. :eyes: Watch this space!

Voice Cloning improvements

  • You can now add your own alias for new voices instant cloning voice to make it easier to find in your workflows.
  • Integrated new voice builder in the platform to deprecate the previous one.