24th Jan 2024 - Billing and Length Prediction improvements; Up to 10x Faster API authentication

🚒We've shipped some improvements on the length prediction model to account for filtering out break tags and SSML tags at inference, manage negative prediction as well as empty text prediction. This results in a more accurate estimate of the duration of your produced audio!

πŸ’°We shipped improvements to the billing system, enhancing our customer experience πŸ’―

  • We fixed some bugs with inaccurate billing and improved the processing of invoices, so a better experience.
  • Better sign up experience, so a faster checkout flow.
  • Added yearly and quarterly payment programs allowing better customer experience
  • We fixed some errors in credits being accounted wrongly.
  • We fixed some mismatches in the platform and the billing systems, and made our extra credits system more robust.

🚀 We made significant improvements in our authentication flow in tests it was up to 10x faster so you should notice some speed improvements throughout the platform and in particular the API.