24th March - Reliability enhancements

Reliability enhancements

We've been hard at work on internal stability and performance improvements over the last few weeks. We've seen a significant drop in error rates for most of our customers.

We made significant improvements to our voice intelligence layer and our voice cloning experience.
We'll continue to invest in these improvements.


We made big improvements to our voice listings, and our styles in our voices.

You can use this with something like

script_text = f"""<mstts:express-as style="{style}">{text}</mstts:express-as>"""

 async with AsyncClient() as client:
        reply = await client.post(
            _URL + "content/script",
            json={"scriptText": script_text, "scriptName": vocf_id},


Example of styles

We suggest neutral and cheerful with the aria voice if you want to start with one. There's plenty of others.