26th April 2024 - Website Update; Platform updates; Reducing bias

We made a bunch of improvements to the platform.

Website update 💯

We made some big changes to our website, improving our design and adding some great new pages. Thanks to the team who worked on this

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Updated file regexes and added decodeURIComponent 
  • Fix get colors from org logo error 
  • Aesthetic improvements to the sign up flow 
  • Add error info on upload Org Profile Picture
  • Platform Dashboard Redesign
  • Beta Release of SonicSell V6 (enabled for ReleaseRadar only) 
  • Audioform/sonicsell endpoint now supports creating more than 1 asset. Exposed through versions to create
  • Updated the TTS endpoint to support maxLength per sections. will be used in the sonic sell audioform endpoints.

Docs improvements

Reducing bias in our models and systems

One of the challenges with AI models is bias. This is well documented - and has been discussed elsewhere like here
We shipped significant changes, by applying better guard rails and using our proprietary AI guard rails

These changes lead to:

  • more gender diversity (before: ~ 1/3 male voices, now: ~50% male/50% female
  • less gender mismatches (avoiding e.g. “Hi, I’, m Sarah…” spoken by male voice
  • less gender-biased outcomes (e.g. ads on cleaning products have same chance for male/female voice)