27th Oct 2023 - Remove padding from Speech, M4A Encoding, Javascript SDK Quick Start

Remove Padding from Speech

Many of the voice providers in our library add padding to the end of speech files by default, so that sentences don't end too suddenly. There are some situations where users have reported needing to remove this padding so that they can specify a more precise, consistent amount of padding across different voices and providers. This is now possible using /speech/tts/remove_silence.

M4A Encoding

πŸ”Š AudioStack now supports M4A encoding. Simply specify "m4a" as the preset to use this feature.

Javascript SDK Quickstart

We added a quick start guide to get Javascript developers up and running using our SDK. You can find it here.

If you have any feedback about our documentation or would like to request docs on specific workflows, please get in touch at [email protected].