2nd June - Julep Connector, SonicSell

 SonicSell for all AudioStack paid users

Exciting news! Our innovative AI audio ad tool, SonicSell, is now available for all paid AudioStack users. SonicSell generates radio-ready ads in just 30 seconds, leveraging AI, synthetic voices, and generative music. Experience the future of efficient, high-quality audio ad creation today. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Julep Connector


We implemented a much requested customer feature :100:

  • You can now send your audio content to the Julep Podcast network, you just need your API key and then you can roll.

Noise gate

We've been working hard on our audio intelligence, we just added a noise gate which will help with noisy voices. This should ensure your audio experience is even better.

 Performance enhancements

We've been hard at work on our performance of our system. More on that soon but we'r