31st May 2024 - Better sound quality; JS SDK updates; Performance improvements

Bumper improvements πŸš€

We made a bumper set of improvements this week πŸ’―

Better sound quality with media files

  • Β We enhanced the mastering sidechain compression for music using media as key signal, allowing to combine File Manager with TTS audio in the mix in a leveled way. This enables better sound quality in more situations πŸ˜€

API Bug Fixes

  • πŸ›We made some improvements to the Audio Evaluation Service bugfixes
  • Better Errror handling improvements when Files were Not found ⚠️

Platform fixes and bug fixes

  • πŸš€ Rebranding of Audio Playground to Workshop
  • πŸ›We fixed a bug to always show org switcher
  • πŸ’šWe fixed the "you are not authorised" flashing when page loads
  • πŸ› fixed re-rendering in asset card and a bug with the play button
  • πŸ›fixed indexed Db error when db is manually deleted
  • πŸš€ We added new icons to the platform add-new-icons-to-platform
  • πŸ› We fixed some bugs in the library
  • πŸ› fixed ghost card bug

Platform and SDK features and improvements

  • πŸ’― SDK for Suite endpoints, long polling and error handling. You can check it out now in the Python SDK
  • πŸ’― added lazy mode to asset cards to enhance the customer experience
  • πŸ’― Added pagination to library so now it will load faster 🐎
  • πŸ› fixed conditional for play button icon in asset card
  • πŸ› We updated default sound design to soiree_a_illangeacross all workflows

JS SDK v1.1.11

We improved the JS SDK and launched a new version

Performance improvements 🚀

Speed improvements for SonicSell, which was causing some errors

  1. Reducing deployment package size of ms-script. ~600ms faster.
  2. Calls to recommend mood/gender/tone in parallel, saves 4-5 seconds.
  3. We reduced cold starts in our infrastructure also yielding up to 1.8 seconds saving.

This should make your experience much faster 🚀