3rd April - Some enhancements

Bug Fixing :bug:

We've been hard at work on improving the reliability and bug fixing based on customer feedback.

Break tag embed - When you used a voice with a style in this format f"""<mstts:express-as style="{style}">{text}</mstts:express-as>"""
and a user embeds <break time="5000ms"/>it wasn't working. We've fixed this break tag embedding issue.

Voice cloning - We've enhanced the voice cloning experience

  • We've enhanced the reliability and experience of voice cloner, especially in languages such as German :de:
  • We also fixed some bugs in the script that was specific to verticals (sales for example) this greatly enhances the experience.


  • We've made some improvements to our billing experience, this should reduce errors, and also we've enhanced our operational processes about this.