5th April 2024 - Stem separation; SonicSell improvements and bug fixes

This week we worked hard on improving our SonicSell experience based on customer feedback. All these little changes every week help us move the product forward. πŸ’―

We also shipped a major improvement to our copy generation and we shipped stem separation.

Stem Separation

Improvements and a lot of bug fixes

  • We shipped some major improvements to copy generation in SonicSell - so your advert should now have significantly less deviations. We also added retry logic and better examples through improved prompt engineering. πŸ’―
  • πŸ‘Update success/error toasts file uploads
  • πŸ‘SonicSell Header improvements
  • πŸ‘Remove credit-counter (users complained it was distracting)
  • Powered by AudioStack is now clearer
  • πŸ› Fix Workflow Inconsistencies in SideBar
  • πŸ› Support special chars in files table
  • πŸ› Updated copywriting to enhance the user experience

Coming soon 🚧

  • We shipped some great stuff in the backend too, and we'll speak more about that next week πŸ’―
  • We also invested in our ad-serving capabilities and analytics capabilities - please reach out if you want to know more about this.