9th June - Introducing Multilingual Models in Audiostack; SonicSell v3

Through our partnership with Eleven Labs, we bring you cutting-edge voices equipped with the groundbreaking feature of Multilingual Synthetic Models. With an extensive selection of languages such as English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Polish, and Hindi, our MultiLingual voices ensure an immersive and localized experience. Now, effortlessly generate scripts in different languages or combine them using the following code example to leverage the power of Eleven Labs' voices within Audiostack.ai:

import audiostack
import os

audiostack.api_key = "APIKEY" # fill up

script = """
<as:section name="main" soundsegment="main">
Un homme armé d’un couteau a semé la terreur jeudi 8 juin au matin dans un parc sur les bords du lac d’Annecy, blessant grièvement plusieurs enfants, avant d’être interpellé. Le Monde fait le point sur ce que l’on sait.
Das Brandenburger Tor ist eine bekannte Sehenswürdigkeit in Berlin und in der Geschichte Deutschlands von großer Bedeutung. Das Tor wurde im 18. Jahrhundert erbaut und war damals das Eingangstor zur Stadt. Es wurde von dem preußischen König Friedrich Wilhelm II gebaut..


names = ["aspen"]
presets = ["musicenhanced", "balanced", "voiceenhanced"]
templates = ["solution_zen_30"]

script = audiostack.Content.Script.create(scriptText=script, scriptName="multilingual_test", projectName="multilingual_test")        

for name in names:
    # Creates text to speech
    speech = audiostack.Speech.TTS.create(
    for template in templates:

        for preset in presets:

            mix = audiostack.Production.Mix.create(
                masteringPreset=preset, public=True

            encoded = audiostack.Delivery.Encoder.encode_mix(productionId=mix.productionId, preset="mp3")

Immerse your audience in a truly global audio experience, breaking language barriers with Audiostack's Multilingual Models powered by Eleven Labs.They are available in all our Paid Plans, try it here Audiostack.

SonicSell V3

We made a number of changes to SonicSell (you'll need to reach out to us to get access it's still in Beta)

This v3 has the following updates:

  • German frontend (change flag in the top right corner) :de:

  • German voices German prompting
  • Generative script creation
  • Ad database

  • 700 Voices selectable now
  • Length & character estimation

Coming next:

  • Advanced mode
  • Multi-version creation (on default)
  • Mood & tone input
  • More languages
  • Dynamic parameters / versioning
  • Time Out and other fixes (*if ad is not created in 30 seconds please refresh or start new tab)