30 New Sound Templates; Better examples

New Sound Templates

  • Added 30 NEW sound templates
Ballsy Rock
Chopper Horns
Chopper Strings
Clap Together
Cool Industries
Dark And Unsettling
Design Grove
Epic Brass Trap
Epic Pace
Ethereal Dream
Fascinating Technology
Friendly Electro Pop
Friendly Fantasy
Garage Banger
Indie Disco
Laid Back Funk
Piano Artist
Power Sports
Pulsing Out Score
Rainbow Rock
Relaxed Vacation
Rockabilly Mischief
Stepping Up
Sunny Skies
Surfing Dog
Trailer Beast
Vintage Swing
Welcoming Piano
Wild Beast

Have fun sampling these :)


We've fleshed out our examples.

Video Voice Over use case for a video voice over use case

And we added to our github a news summarizer

We added a beautiful example using our new Sound Template functionality

  • Autotagger is enabled.

How to make beautiful Audio in seconds