New Voices; Voice improvements

New voices WellSaid labs, ElevenLabs

Exciting news! We've been hard at work collaborating with our providers to bring you more hyper-realistic English voices 🥳 We're thrilled to introduce 35 new voices from ElevenLabs, including 14 American accents 🇺🇸, 19 British accents 🇬🇧, and 2 Australian accents 🇦🇺. Additionally, we've added 41 voices from WellSaid Labs, featuring 28 American English 🇺🇸, 6 British English 🇬🇧, 2 English Mexican 🇲🇽 , 1 English South African 🇿🇦, and 4 English Australian voices 🇦🇺. Head over to our Library ( to explore and try them all out!

Suggestions to try:

Finch, 11L, US

Elora, 11L GB

Conversational_greg WSL AU

Narration_Issa WSL ZA

Narration_lorenzo WSL MX:

**Stay tuned as there’s more coming in the next month!


 Voice improvements

We've enhanced our msnr voices with punctuation symbols and respective lengths, as well as enabling break tags. This should add naturalness and enhanced pronunciation, as well as improved speech flow. Some examples:

Full break is 600 milliseconds.
Comma is 300 milliseconds,
Colon is 300 milliseconds:
Semicolon is 400 milliseconds;
Question mark is 400 milliseconds?
Exclamation mark is 600 milliseconds!
Break tag with three seconds
Break tag with thousand millisecond
Break tag with thousand milliseconds using single quote
Break tag with thousand milliseconds using single quote and no space

 Voice improvements

Special characters are supported again in the API: & and %. These are both normalised for English and German voices!