SSML Harmonisation - Break time update

SSML Harmonisation

A commonly asked question by customers is "how do I make sure the same SSML works across providers".

So today we're VERY excited to launch our first (of many) features :tada: :birthday:

You can run this on ANY provider and it'll either work or it'll fail. So your code will work with ANY provider and ANY voice

  •    body = {
            "projectName": "__TEST",
            "scriptText": '<as:section> hello <as:break time="4s"/> worlds </as:section>',

We showed this in beta to our customers and we got this quote

"This will save us so much time 10% of our bugs are due to things like this" - Software Developer at an Advertising company

How do I get started?

Simply to get stared just update

<break time="150ms"/>

to <as:break time="150ms"/>

Other reading


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