5th March 2024 - Bug fix in SSO; Use non-USASCII characters in your org name; Cached files

Organisations containing non USASCII characters in their names

:bug: Organisations which contain a non USASCII char (e.g. ä,ö,ñ) couldn't login to the platform at all. :boom: The encoding broke and the Organisation name was invalid.

Now this is fixed :rocket:

Fantastic work by our team. Please us ALL THE £$%^`6())( that you want :100:

Signing in using SSO

  • We fixed a bug that was blocking people from signing up to SSO.

Cached files

:bug: We fixed a bug where the User tried to request a cached file with a public accessible URL and instead get a private URL back. Cached files always returned private urls even the User explicit want a public one.