10th May 2024 - Media files updates, more examples!

  • ๐Ÿ›Bug fix for Voice-Library Cards returning aย 403ย error;
  • Improved our billing updates - improving our billing experience;
  • We added enhanced voice permissions for private voices ๐Ÿ”’;
  • We added some more examples to the docs, so you should be able to get up and running faster;
  • We added the ability to handle media files on top of sound templates so you can now upload your own media files/ speech files and overlay them on top of sound templates;
  • We improved several error messages throughout the platform - leading to a better user experience;
  • Add error feedback when users upload a file >1MB or not JPG/PNG for the UserPicture. โš ๏ธ

Better media experience

  • We added startPadding and endPadding in section properties for better control of your production.

Here's an example of it being used

    "section1": {"startPadding":2.0, "endAt":5.0, "alignment":"left"},
    "section2": {
        "startPadding":2.0, "endAt":10.0, "alignment":"left"},
    "section3": {"endAt": 40, "alignment":"left"}   
print(f"Creating your mix...")
mix = audiostack.Production.Mix.create(
        timelineProperties={"fadeIn": 0, "fadeOut": 0},

You can see more docs at Advanced Timing Parameters