13th Sept 2023 - Voice Intelligence Layer and Mastering engine

Mastering engine

We made a major update to our mastering engine, updating libraries and improving performance :rocket: You should have less error rates and a better customer experience.

Voice Intelligence Layer

  • Voice Intelligence Layer Is the link to the voice intelligence layer check it out!
  • Our celebrated voice intelligence layer is now UP TO 5X faster :speedboat:
  • We've added to the voice intelligence layer an enhanced load balancer so now our platform works with longer form text. :100:
  • This solves a major issue that many customers reported which was "fizzing out" of content. This should make your customers and users even happier :dog:

Error messages

  • We've made many improvements to error messages so it should be clearer where some speech requests fail, and how to fix the error. This enhances the developer and user experience.