17th May 2024 - Broadcasting your content; AudioForm v1.1.0; New Respeecher voices; Speech to Speech

Broadcasting your content
Delivery release 2.3.1:

  • Adding an endpoint to purchase broadcasting rights for an audioform

  • As soon as audioform is stable and released to users, they can get a license and be sure to have the broadcasting rights for a produced asset

New voice provider Respeecher 🇺🇦

AudioForm v1.1.0

  • Audioform expresses audio production in a json format and includes the definition of content, speech, sound design, and production elements. It is a novel approach to audio production and offers a number of advantages:
  • Leverage the most recent development in AI audio creation
  • Making audio production scalable
  • A way to "build" audio that is developer-friendly
  • A standardised way to facilitate echange across platforms

There's still a lot to improve but here's the first iteration step.

  • Added TTS reduce endpoint to SonicSell flow in Audioform, making the TTS in v6 always fit in the ad's duration.
  • We've also added it to Audio Playground as well.


  • Added pipeline polling to JS SDK and updated Suite types (related to handling pipeline statuses in Platform that will be released later)

Speech to Speech

ms-sts is now live in prod with 3 new customer facing endpoints:

  • get_voices

  • post_sts

  • get_sts

The first lists the voice available for STS. The others are used to start and get the status of a STS pipeline using our internal mono-audio-suite.
In this release 11labs public and private voices are available and works for files up to 50 mb.Documentation available here:

New platform release

  • We added new developer plans
  • Voice library spatial navigation
  • We made improvements to Sonic Sell V6 - to set us up for the future.
  • We add endpoint to generate audioform template.
  • Now only successfully produced ads will now be saved