23rd Feb 2024 - Audio enhancement endpoints; Text Tagger; Voice Intelligence Layer improvements

We have added audio enhancement endpoints, added our Text Tagger to the SDK and added some security improvements and API improvements for our Voice Intelligence Layer

New Audio enhancement endpoints

We are continuously working on enriching our audio capabilities so we've added the ability to evaluate, enhance and denoise audio files.

🎧 We added evaluate audioEvaluate an audio file.

🎧 Enhance audio Evaluate and enhance an audio file.

🎧 Denoise an audio file in order to remove background noise. Denoise an audio file.


πŸ’― A quality of life improvement the Voice Intelligence Layer is now enabled if you use one of our in built tags such as <as:break>

πŸ’― We also added improvements to the file transfer routes so you no longer need to add file names

πŸ›We added some security improvements for our customers to the voice preview

Recommendations using our Text Tagger

We've added recommendations for tags, moods and tones using the Text Tagger

See how to use them on our docs -

text = "AudioStack's technology seamlessly integrates into your product or workflow and cuts your audio production cycles to seconds while making your budgets go further."
number_of_results = 2
tags = ["happy", "fun", "valuable", "fast"]
category = "my category"

tag_item = audiostack.Content.RecommendTag.create(
    text=text, number_of_results=number_of_results, tags=tags, category=category

mood_item = audiostack.Content.RecommendMood.create(
    text=text, number_of_results=number_of_results

tone_item = audiostack.Content.RecommendTone.create(
    text=text, number_of_results=number_of_results