6th Oct 2023 - Various bug fixes and feature updates

Bug fixes and code quality enhancements

  • Bug fix for joining speech files back together when there was an error, customer facing bug
  • We improved the code quality in one of our core services improving your customer experience
  • New SDK version

 Platform update

  • New features in Platform. Save audio assets locally, so that your session is saved, improving the customer experience.

New mastering preset 🎉

  • We added a "voice only" preset (mastering engine feature) 💯
  • By using this preset, mastering will only applied to the generated voice and not the sound design beneath it. This is perfect for cases where you've already applied mastering to the sound template (or received a finished advert that you want to add an audio tag to).

Code Example:

mix = audiostack.Production.Mix.create(


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