8th March 2024 - Platform improvements; SonicSell; Voice Builder; Separating Audio

Platform improvements

  • Sound Library now shows the sound segments that belong to each template
  • Sound Library page layout is now improved to have more consistent sizing
  • Added Denoise and Source separation functionalities to the File Edit modal
  • Clicking on the sidebar header now redirects to home
  • Updated link to contact about enterprise plans


  • SonicSell now catches bad product descriptions and errors appropriately.
  • SonicSell now calls /content/recommend/ to get better tone and mood selections via ms--text-tagger (ML endpoint fully integrated into a workflow and charging credits)
  • We enhanced our LLM integrations and improved the workflow

New Features

  • Source separation and better performance - this means that you can now upload an audio file containing both speech and music, and separate the voice out from the music to use in your workflows (such as voice cloning or sound template creation).

New voice builder in production!

What's new?

  • central service for all things voice cloning - easy integrations of new vc providers
  • possibility of cloning using multiple files
  • fixes a bunch of issues we've had so far e.g. timeouts, file errors
  • Adding more features , (SSML, STS in API, fast synthesis)
  • internal file processing to make sure user's input matches provider's requirements
  • internal tool - python package useful for experiments and testing integrations


  • Shipped some small improvements to file managements, i.e. better validation on broken files, and better performance 💯
  • shipped the capacity of using any file id as sound template in mastering 🎉
  • Improvements in the speed and reliability of AES 💯
  • mastering improvements for bugs with not file errors 💽