13th Dec 2023 - Bug Fixes Annotation; Files and Folders; Terms of use update


This week, we released some improvements in the timestamp annotation endpoint and a bugfix in TTS:

  • annotation is now possible for all languages supported by Azure (most of our voices);
  • STT works better as it’s not stopping on short silences anymore;
  • multi-section annotation is much faster;
  • fixes an unrelated, but influencing bug where cached speech sections would have incorrectly saved names;
  • API reference for TTS/annotate has been updated.

Files and Folders Usage Guide

  • We added a guide to using the files and folders management endpoints in the AudioStack API.

Generate an AI Script Usage Guide

  • We added a usage guide for generating a script using AI to the docs.

Terms of use

  • We updated our terms of use with some GDPR related changes;
  • Clarified some wording to make the terms more understandable.