SonicSell v1.5.0

Get started generating audio ad spots for sales in under 30 seconds.

If you want to create audio adverts using AudioStack but prefer not to use the API, you can create ads in seconds here.


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You can now access SonicSell from the AudioStack platform.

Create an Ad

Get Started

Type the name of the product and add a short description. This can be any keywords, bullet points or basic information you would like to cover.

By default, SonicSell will create 3 versions, using different scripts, voices and sound designs.
All of them are rendered through our professional mastering and mixing engine.

If you have an existing script or wish to write it manually, you can choose the Create from scratch option.

SonicSell works in more than 60 languages. To change the language, just provide a description in the desired language. The tool will automatically recognise it and write the script and choose the voice accordingly.

Ad Settings

The Ad Settings button unfolds 5 extra features:

  • Narrative - You can choose in which person the script will be written in.
  • Length - Choose your ad duration between any of the available.
  • Mood - It will adjust the content of the script accordingly.
  • Tone - It will find the perfect voice and intonation to match the specified tone
  • Versions to generate - Choose how many versions you want to generate. By default, you will get 3.

Generated Ads

Once generated, your ads will appear at the bottom. Here you will be able to: Edit, View the details, Download, and Share.

Edit an Ad

Edit Ad opens a breakdown of all the components of your ad: Script, Voice & Sound Design

You can change all of them manually: Editing the script, changing the Length or choosing any other voice or sound design from the library.

Improve Ad using AI

You can use AI to fully customise the generated ad. Once inside an ad, use the Improve Ad Using AI button.
This will open a prompt text where you can provide your desired changes.

You can also lock the voice and sound design if you are happy with the current one.


Other examples:

  • Make it shorter.
  • Target young people in the (xyz industry) space.
  • Make it sound like... (a celebrity).
  • Add a specific URL, promotion offer, location...
  • ...


We currently have +1000 Voices 🗣 . Our infrastructure allows us to easily integrate new providers. Therefore, users have always access to the state of the art voices.

Among them there are Multilingual Voices, which speak +60 Languages (English, Spanish, French, German…).
These voices can detect words in different languages and adapt its pronunciation.:

  • Freshly baked croissants will be served in addition to the normal breakfast.
  • Buongiorno, said the Italian waiter as we sat down.

In the above examples, both words will be pronounced with the proper language accent.

Every voice has its own speaking style and speed. SonicSell picks a speaking speed it thinks works best. Sometimes this is great, sometimes you might want a quicker, faster, more dynamic style.

Similar to the script duration, increasing/reducing the voice speed will affect the estimated length of the ad.


You will find a lot of Sound Templates to choose from 🎶 . For more information, visit the following page.

Share Your Ad

You can share your ad by using the Share button. This copies the link into your clipboard.

You can now send it to everyone, so they can listen and download if they want 🌍 .


Can I add breaks between words?
Some voice providers permit so-called break tags. They are expressed as milliseconds and create space between words. Just toggle-on “Show tags” and then “add break tag”. However, most modern voices don’t support break tags and especially in advertising cases they are rarely needed as you’ll want to fill your precious ad real-estate with words, not silence. Another way to create pauses is adding a period (.) or a comma (,). This helps accentuate your pronunciation without sacrificing too much time.

A word is being mispronounced. What should I do?
This often happens when names or brands are involved. Foreign words and abbreviations are also still challenging for some synthetic voice models.
The easiest way to solve this issue is to rewrite the word as you would say it in your language. For example a “latte” coffee could be written as “luh-teigh”. You can save these words in the Dictionary workflow so you don’t have to do this over and over.

The speech in my ad sounds a bit boring. Why is this?
Try increasing the speed of the voice or change it altogether. You can also accentuate your script with some commas and exclamation marks. Try to avoid using the same word again or very long sentences. Another option is choosing a different sound design that reflects your mood and tone better.

The music of my ad doesn’t match my ad. What should I do?
Try choosing another sound design from the library. You can filter by genre, mood and other filters. We're constantly improving how recommendations work, so this is something you can expect to get better over time.

What’s Next

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